Omaggio al genio di Vinci Leonardo

Il 2019 è l’anno per celebrare i 500 anni dalla morte del genio di Vinci; così la regione Toscana assieme al ai comuni del circondario dell’Empolese Valdelsa e non solo, organizzeranno un anno all’insegna di eventi, spettacoli, dibattiti e mostre per omaggiare il grande Leonardo da Vinci.

Alcuni eventi

Firenze: al Palazzo Vecchio si potrà vedere percorso a tema dedicato appunto al grande genio “itinerario leonardiano sulle tracce della Battaglia di Anghiari”. Al museo Galileo saranno allestite due mostre: una dedicata alla “biblioteca di Leonardo da Vinci”, mentre l’altra dedicata a “Leonardo e il moto perpetuo” oltre che al convegno “Leonardo: l’universo dei manoscritti”. Inoltre, nella Piazza di Santa Marina Novella, il museo omonimo organizza la mostra “Leonardo da Vinci e la botanica”.

Prato: Al Museo di Scienze Planetarie in concomitanza dai 500 anni dalla morte di Leonardo da Vinci ed i 50 anni dallo sbarco sulla luna hanno organizzato un ciclo di conferenze dal titolo “Leonardo: Luna=500:50”. In fine al Museo del Tessuto aperta fino al 26 maggio è stata organizzata la mostra “Leonardo da Vinci, l’ingegno, il tessuto“.

Vinci: come ogni anno Vinci omaggia sempre il suo genio, e per questo evento la città di Vinci si vestirà di tutto punto per dargli onore. Iniziando in 14 aprile con con la 58esima Lettura Vinciana, un appuntamento con studiosi ed esperti leonardiani. Presso la casa natale di Leonardo ad Anchiano, il 15 aprile, dalle mattina per tutto il pomeriggio, saranno organizzate ogni ora visite accompagnate. Inoltre, sarà prevista l’apertura straordinaria della Biblioteca Leonardiana con visita alla collezione della Biblioteca che conserva tutti i codici di Leonardo in versione facsimilare. Questo è solo uno degli eventi che la città di Vinci organizzerà per i 500 anni dalla morte di Leonardo.

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Traveling among the towers of Tuscany

We are approaching the new year and therefore it will be better to organize the holidays or a few days out of town. We have some suggestions to offer you.

Our Bed & Breakfast “La casa di Zefiro” is located in the center of Tuscany a few kilometers from the main cities and so we decided to offer you a particular itinerary, to visit the original towers. We do not want to stop at the most known as the Tower of Pisa or the famous twin towers of San Gimignano.

The first is the “Torre della Muda” better known as Torre della Fame, located in Pisa, (so you can also visit the bell tower of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in the Piazza del Duomo, known to most as Torre Pendente). The tower of the Fame or better tower of the Munda, is located at the Clock Palace in Piazza dei Cavalieri. This tower became famous, because we were imprisoned and left to die the Count Ugolino della Gherardesca with his sons and nephews.

The second stop is Torrino di Torrigiani. This tower is located inside the Torrigiani garden in Florence. The tower was used for astronomical observations and is still visible from outside the walls since it is 22 meters high. The tower is made up of three levels that allude to the three degrees of the initiation process from the profane world to the initiatory one of masonry.


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Empoli city of Christmas

On November 30 Empoli has access to its lights at Christmas and has nothing to envy to the classic cities known to most as “Christmas City”. Illuminations, skating rink, maxi tree and train have access to the heart of Empoli.

The magic word of this all-Empolese Christmas is magic, in fact you can find:

Piazza della Vittoria a mega tree of 14.5 meters, on all fixed lights trees, lights that will move in time to music, the illuminated train of wishes that will be a selfie station.

Piazza Farinata degli Uberti known as Piazza dei Leoni you can enchant yourself with the circus lighting on the palaces, plus a mega star comet and the indimnticabile carousel of horses. In addition, wooden houses with wooden toys and laboratories.

Piazza Matteotti the ice rink and funfair space.

Piazza Don Minzoni, that is the railway station, two big stars of Christmas.

But it does not end here:

Also for children and families, in Via del Papa there will be the World of Santa Claus with spaces for children, videos, workshops and the presence of Santa Claus.

And after December 25, space at the Befana with the second edition of the rescue of the Befana from the bell tower of the Collegiate, January 6, in collaboration with Vigili del Fuoco and Misericordia.

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Course American Bakery and …. biscuits for the tree!

We are already under the Christmas lights, our squares are decorated and you, I imagine, you are thinking about how to decorate your Christmas tree; red balls, gold balls, mixed balls ?, but … .. have you ever thought of decorating it with cookies?

We suggest you prepare them and teach you there will be a very good teacher who will teach you the tricks to do them.

On 14th December in Empoli at the LaboratoryL’ultimo dei Pasticcioni” the master Roberto Mannini with his sympathy will teach you with the course “Biscotti per l’albero” to prepare some beautiful biscuits to be attached to the tree or to give them as gifts to your friends or family.

In addition, on December 16, always in Empoli in Roberto’s workshop you can learn how to make a special Christmas cake with the “American Bakery and beyond” course.

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For further information on the course: L’Ultimo dei Pasticcioni or you can contact Roberto 347 3586944

The Leonardo Museum in Vinci

From our Bed & Breakfast “La casa di Zefiro” crossing the typical hills of Tuscany and admiring the landscape that surrounds us we can quickly get to Vinci.

Vinci is a lovely village located on the slopes of Montalbano and the oldest and most typical part of the country is its heart with the Tower of the Rocca dei Conti Guidi and the Church of Santa Croce.

Once in Vinci, in addition to visiting the country and drinking a good wine of our area, I want to recommend you visit the beautiful Museo Leonardiano.

The museum was founded in 1919 during the celebrations for the fourth centenary of Leonardo’s death when the Castello dei Conti Guidi was donated to the town of Vinci. After several renovations that took place in the following years, we arrive to the last and important intervention that took place between 2008 and 2010, where the exhibition spaces were renewed and extended.

With just one ticket you can make a beautiful journey through the history of Leonardo and his city.

The route starts from the Palazzina Uzielli where inside it houses construction machinery, textile technology and mechanical watches. In addition, the anatomical studies section made by the great genius. Then we pass to the Castle, the residence of the Guidi family, here you can admire the machines and models that document Leonardo’s passion for war, architecture, mechanics and flight. moreover, two spaces are dedicated to optics and movement on land and water, with particular reference to river navigation. The itinerary ends with the video room where the models of the geometric solids taken from drawings that Leonardo produced for the treatise De Divina Proportione by the mathematician Luca Pacioli are exhibited. Finally, the itinerary ends with the Villa Il Ferrale, where reproductions of all the paintings and some of the most significant drawings by Leonardo da Vinci are exhibited. But do not forget to visit the birth house of the Genio in Anchiano which is about 3 km away and it’s really worth going.

For info on timetables and fares: Leonardo’s Leonardiano Museum

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Villa Ambra di Poggio a Caiano

Not far from our Bed & Breakfast “La casa di Zefiro, you can visit one of the villas of the De Medici family” Villa Ambra “of Poggio a Caiano.

It was built by Lorenzo De Medici to a design by Giuliano da Sangallo between 1445 and 1520. It was built to be the summer residence of the family but it was also the favorite residence of the son of Cosimo III that is Prince Ferdinando, who being a passionate about art, he made it an important cultural center. When the villa passed to the new grand dukes of Tuscany, the Hamburg-Lorraine, the villa as well as being always the summer residence became a stopping point for their trips to Pistoia or Prato.

When Florence became the capital, Vittorio Emanuele II built stables, redecorated some rooms in the first floor rooms and the Leone X salon transformed it into a billiard room.

Vinci opens its doors to “Sant’Amato a Tavola” and “Vinci Canta”

On the hills of the beautiful lands of Leonardo, a short walk from our B & B “La casa di Zefiro” will take place in July “Sant’Amato a Tavola“, food, music and fun for a pleasant evening.
Sant’Amato. An evening in particular is dedicated to music and singing.

On July 17, returns the song contest “Vinci Canta“.
The event will be curated by its artistic director Max Ciambotti, by singer-songwriter Andrea Maestrelli and with the participation of Silvano Guerrini.

The song contest is open to performers and songwriters from 16 to 30 years.

For those wishing to participate in an e-mail can be sent to: containing a music file where the data subject performs or may indicate its musical performance this on youtube. Registration for the “Vinci Canta” competition are completely free and will expire on July 10. The list of participants will then be forwarded on July 12 by the organizers through the official contest page on Facebook and Twitter.
A jury of experts in music, cinema and journalism will announce two winners, an interpreter and a songwriter, who will be awarded the prizes from sponsors.
For those who just wanted to spend a pleasant evening, the entrance to “Sant’Amato a Tavola” is free.

Guided tour of the Botanical Garden of Pisa

The Archaeological Association of the section of Empoli, has organized for the day June 11, 2016 a beautiful trip at the Garden Ortobotanico of Pisa.
ortobotanico 2
The Botanical Garden covers an area of about three hectares, divided into four sectors:
Botany School: hosting several systematic and monumental trees collections;
The Mirto Garden: medicinal plants are grown;
Dedicated to the Piazzale Giovanni Arcangeli: grow two impressive palm examples of Chile and where stands the building that houses the Herbarium and some laboratories of the Department of Biology.
The arboretum.

botanical garden Inside are important collections:

Arboretum: are cultivated trees, belonging to the group of conifers and amentifere. They are arranged irregularly shaped parcels, crossed by paths.

Systematic collection: a collection of plants grouped by families in the flowerbeds of the “School Botany”, according to an educational-systematic basis.

Flora officinale: it must be said that the Botanical Garden of Pisa, like those of Padua and Florence, was born as a “Garden of Simple”. In this sector “Orto del Mirto” for the presence of a specimen, it is grown about 140 species of medicinal plants, some also used by the Italian Pharmacopoeia.

Aquatic plants: a collection of mostly native species, adapted for life in water-rich environments that characterize a time extensively the Tuscan territory.

Mediterranean geophytes: collects grass species belonging mainly to Gagea genres, Tulipa, Muscari, etc., collected in different places of the peninsula.

Succulents: An entire greenhouse of the Botanical Garden is home to plants in cauline succulence belonging to Cactaceae and Euphorbiaceae families, both specimens at leaf succulence of the genera Aloe and Agave and the Crassulaceae family.

botanico 3

For registration and information to take the tour: or tel. 373 7558049 Cinzia
Cost of the ticket 3,50
Guided by an expert botanist


The Bed & Breakfast “La casa di Zefiro”, always wants to look for some nice event to impress its guests and for him to spend their evenings. An event that wants to emphasize is just a singing competition.

Empoli has opened its doors to new singers, fans of pop music and those who like to listen to. The singing competition “Voices of Amphitheatre“, which reached the third year, is organized and presented by Max Ciambotti, Simona Rosati with the participation of Rosita Molinaro.


The song contest, which will take place in the day June 24, 2016 at the amphitheater via the Tour of the walls in Pontorme Empoli, is open to those wishing to participate, up from 9 years to 30 years. The singing competition will be divided into two categories, the first by singers aged 9 to 17 years (Under-18) and the second from 18 to 30 (Over 18).

The singers will be chosen, which will be announced on June 14 by the organizers through the Facebook page of the “Voices of Amphitheatre” and via twitter, esegueranno songs with the aid of backing tracks and by a jury made up of music experts , cinema and journalism will announce a winner in each category: Under 18 and Over 18.

For those interested in participating in the singing contest can call 392/7074687 (Leonardo) or via email (by June 10) at: containing a music file where the candidate performs live (or indicate the link of its possible this music video on You tube), personal data (name / surname / city / date of birth / phone / email / profession) and a recent photograph.
Entrance to the exhibition is free


Montelupo Fiorentino, a small and charming town not far from the B & B “La casa di Zefiro”, will be held from 4 to 6 and 9 to 13 September 2015, at the sports area “Sergio Bitossi” and not only that, but also areas corcostanti as the stadium of Empoli “Carlo Castellani“, MOVE, an event that will cover sports, entertainment and engines, an event designed for enthusiasts and families.

MOVE SPORT: An area dedicated to the promotion of the sport: with outdoor activities, sports tournaments and a showcase dedicated to sports clubs of the area and beyond.

MOVE SOCIAL: The open space to all local associations and not wanting to make their voices heard, to present their projects or deepen a sensitive topic.

SOUND MOVE: A music festival that was born from the desire to give voice to independent music. They will be on stage 9 artists of the alternative scene, from all over Italy.

To give you a taste of the event, the first opening night, you can admire the American cars, with vintage cars appeared in the TV series of the seventies. Throughout the event are taking place performances by free style – which in the last edition of Montelupo fascinated even non-experts – motorsport trophies and even an aperitif with the Vespa Club of Empoli.

For more information about the event: Montelupo Fiorentino MOVE

For information on where to stay: La casa di Zefiro

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