What is a Bed & Breakfast?

It is called the B & B activity of an intermittent conducted to private broadcasters that use part of their primary residence to offer a family-run bed and breakfast (art. 1 and 5 L.R. July 16, 2007 # 15).


You are always welcome in the B & B “La Casa di Zefiro”, here the rules and tips that we invite you to observe, not only in compliance with the regulations, but also in respect of those simple rules based upon common sense and respectful social life. The B & B “La Casa di Zefiro” is part of APT, the Provincial Tourist Association of Firenze or Toscana promozione and is required Codice di esercizio N° 048008ALL0002 prot. N 459456 del 30/10/2013, as such, to meet all Bed and Breakfast regulations of the Toscana region.

To Know

  1. Please let La Casa Di Zefiro know your expected arrival time in advance;
  2. You are advised to bring your own vehicle as the property is not serviced by public transport.


Staying at Bed & Breakfast “La casa di Zefiro”

  1. Bed and Breakfast Being a family-owned business, there is no reception service open 24 hours, so you’re bound to communicate the arrival time at the time of booking;
  2. Our check-in time is from 14.00 until 19.00;
  3. If a problem should arise during your trip, you will be required to promptly notify the change in the arrival time at the following number: +39 339 2020413 Alessandro.
  4. Arrival after 19.00 will be subject to an extra charge.


Your registration information is processed in accordance with current privacy legislation. The data provided will be treated in compliance with the requirements of confidentiality and security governed by law, it will be used exclusively for matters relating to the activities and will not be disclosed.


Upon arrival, every guest is required to exhibit an identity document valid for registration in accordance with the applicable provisions of law. Failure to comply with this requirement is a violation to the rules of the Penal Code and involves the immediate cancellation of the booking with the invitation to immediately leave the B & B “La Casa di Zefiro.” The data of our guests are treated in accordance with current privacy legislation.

Treatment data recording

The data provided will be treated in compliance with the requirements of confidentiality and security governed by law, it will be used exclusively for matters relating to the activities and will not be disclosed.

Arrivals and departures

Rooms will be available from 14:00 and must be vacated by 10:00 am on the day following the last night to allow the final cleaning of the premises. Upon arrival you will be given a set of keys to access: the gate, the apartment and the room booked, the damage or loss of keys carries a penalty of 50 €.

Cleaning the rooms

  1. To allow cleaning of the rooms, which is carried out every day, must be vacated by 10.30 am;
  2. In respect of the environment and a lower consumption of detergents, towels are changed every 3 days. If you need the change throw them on the ground;
  3. All customers: Please leave your room in order keeping your private objects inside the drawer, closet or suitcase; otherwise the room will not be clean.

Property unavailability

If for reasons of maintenance or causes of force majeure, the room booked it should prove unavailable we will find adequate accommodation, or at the request of the customer, making the entire amount received as deposit without any further claims.


Breakfast will be served between 7:30 and 10:00 am.

Children and extra beds

  1. There are no extra beds;
  2. The maximum number of extra beds is 0;
  3. Children can not be accommodated.


The pool will be open from June 1 till September 21 (weather permitting).
The time of entry to the pool is from 10.00 am till 19.00.


  1. Smoking is not allowed inside the B & B is in the rooms and in all the rooms available to guests. Adherence to this simple rule stems from the need to protect non-smokers, or those who come after you, as well as a provision of fire prevention;
  2. Avoid having come home friends, relatives or other persons who do not stay in B & B, for reasons of public security;
  3. Pets are not allowed;
  4. It is forbidden to throw anything in the toilet that could clog the pipes;
  5. It is forbidden within the premises: talking loudly, yelling, slamming doors or windows;
  6. It is forbidden to connect any electrical appliance to the electrical system led to the following (except for the hairdryer and shaver sockets to the bathroom, the phone and the personal computer in the rooms).

Guest obligations

  1. The guest is obliged to compensate the damage caused to the B & B for the improper use of additional equipment;
  2. In accordance with the regulation of the B & B and the rules of the Municipal Police is required to observe total silence from 22.00 to 8.00 and from 14.00 to 16.00. In any case, there must be a behavior that in any moment of the day and in no way harm the tranquility of others;
  3. The guest is obliged to turn off the lights, television, air conditioning and other facilities when you exit from the B & B;
  4. It’s not expected to return time but it’ s very welcome good manners and respect for other people staying in the hotel.


  1. We invite guests to watch on your objects as the owners of the B & B are not responsible for their custody;
  2. Keep area clean and tidy all environments;
  3. Be careful not to smear the walls , as in high-profile cases will have to be compensated for the work of painting;
  4. Any damage must be immediately compensated. Otherwise it will forward the complaint on to the relevant authorities;
  5. The B & B “La Casa di Zefiro” is particularly attentive to issues of energy conservation, sustainability and environmental protection. For these reasons, we ask our guests some attention in this regard; small “gestures” that can , together with those of many other people , to become virtuous behavior and help produce positive effects for the preservation of environmental heritage;
  6. In particular, we ask you to turn off the lights when leaving the room; to avoid wastage of water remembering to turn off the taps and report any losses; keep windows and doors closed as heating or air conditioning running;
  7. Each guest is obliged not to take away with them at the end of the stay: linens, blankets, towels and / or robes from the rooms or other material present in the B & B “La Casa di Zefiro” (including Common Areas);
  8. The B & B “La Casa di Zefiro” disclaims any responsibility for the loss, theft or damage to objects of your property left unattended in rooms or in the common areas and for any damage to persons , animals or property to and from third parties. Any damage should be reported immediately to the operator of the facility;
  9. Guests before departure must return the keys. Any loss of keys to the house leads to a penalty equal to € 50 . However, please promptly notify the manager.

Compliance with the regulation is first and foremost priority of our facility, we intend to offer you maximum comfort in relation to our offer; However, failure to comply with even one of these clauses will see us forced to interrupt your pleasant stay. Sure that this will never happen again we thank you for your attention and for your preference.
See you there!