Like every year Empoli opens its doors to an event that is a growing and increasingly grows; I’m talking about “Ludicomix“.

From this year this event will add another party that will make happy all the children that the bricks. The event, to be held at the hall of the exhibition and throughout the center of Empoli, will be called “Ludicomix Brixs & Kids” translated literally “Ludicomix Bricks and Children“.

ludicomix 3

But let us, Empoli is a pretty town is famous for the production of leather garments that for its glass museum and we in the Bed & Breakfast “La casa di Zefiro” we are very proud every time to urge our customers to go to visit it, because it’s worth it, and we can say that is one of many our greatest pride. The manifesazione “Ludicomix Brixs & Kids” will take place from 28 to 29 March 2015 the entire center from the buildings, alleys, streets, theaters, and wanting you can download the map of the event here: map.

This event will provide an opportuntà to “young builders” (13 to 16 years) to engage in the realization of personal creations and bring them in performance, participating in the competition CreaActive.

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