The Leonardo Museum in Vinci

From our Bed & Breakfast “La casa di Zefiro” crossing the typical hills of Tuscany and admiring the landscape that surrounds us we can quickly get to Vinci.

Vinci is a lovely village located on the slopes of Montalbano and the oldest and most typical part of the country is its heart with the Tower of the Rocca dei Conti Guidi and the Church of Santa Croce.

Once in Vinci, in addition to visiting the country and drinking a good wine of our area, I want to recommend you visit the beautiful Museo Leonardiano.

The museum was founded in 1919 during the celebrations for the fourth centenary of Leonardo’s death when the Castello dei Conti Guidi was donated to the town of Vinci. After several renovations that took place in the following years, we arrive to the last and important intervention that took place between 2008 and 2010, where the exhibition spaces were renewed and extended.

With just one ticket you can make a beautiful journey through the history of Leonardo and his city.

The route starts from the Palazzina Uzielli where inside it houses construction machinery, textile technology and mechanical watches. In addition, the anatomical studies section made by the great genius. Then we pass to the Castle, the residence of the Guidi family, here you can admire the machines and models that document Leonardo’s passion for war, architecture, mechanics and flight. moreover, two spaces are dedicated to optics and movement on land and water, with particular reference to river navigation. The itinerary ends with the video room where the models of the geometric solids taken from drawings that Leonardo produced for the treatise De Divina Proportione by the mathematician Luca Pacioli are exhibited. Finally, the itinerary ends with the Villa Il Ferrale, where reproductions of all the paintings and some of the most significant drawings by Leonardo da Vinci are exhibited. But do not forget to visit the birth house of the Genio in Anchiano which is about 3 km away and it’s really worth going.

For info on timetables and fares: Leonardo’s Leonardiano Museum

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