Course American Bakery and …. biscuits for the tree!

We are already under the Christmas lights, our squares are decorated and you, I imagine, you are thinking about how to decorate your Christmas tree; red balls, gold balls, mixed balls ?, but … .. have you ever thought of decorating it with cookies?

We suggest you prepare them and teach you there will be a very good teacher who will teach you the tricks to do them.

On 14th December in Empoli at the LaboratoryL’ultimo dei Pasticcioni” the master Roberto Mannini with his sympathy will teach you with the course “Biscotti per l’albero” to prepare some beautiful biscuits to be attached to the tree or to give them as gifts to your friends or family.

In addition, on December 16, always in Empoli in Roberto’s workshop you can learn how to make a special Christmas cake with the “American Bakery and beyond” course.

If you want to book your stay at our Bed & Breakfast “La casa di Zefiro: or Alessandro 3392020413

For further information on the course: L’Ultimo dei Pasticcioni or you can contact Roberto 347 3586944