We are approaching the new year and therefore it will be better to organize the holidays or a few days out of town. We have some suggestions to offer you.

Our Bed & Breakfast “La casa di Zefiro” is located in the center of Tuscany a few kilometers from the main cities and so we decided to offer you a particular itinerary, to visit the original towers. We do not want to stop at the most known as the Tower of Pisa or the famous twin towers of San Gimignano.

The first is the “Torre della Muda” better known as Torre della Fame, located in Pisa, (so you can also visit the bell tower of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in the Piazza del Duomo, known to most as Torre Pendente). The tower of the Fame or better tower of the Munda, is located at the Clock Palace in Piazza dei Cavalieri. This tower became famous, because we were imprisoned and left to die the Count Ugolino della Gherardesca with his sons and nephews.

The second stop is Torrino di Torrigiani. This tower is located inside the Torrigiani garden in Florence. The tower was used for astronomical observations and is still visible from outside the walls since it is 22 meters high. The tower is made up of three levels that allude to the three degrees of the initiation process from the profane world to the initiatory one of masonry.


We are already ready to give you other information and other curiosities. for information info@lacasadizefiro.it or Alessandro 3392020413