Not far from our Bed & Breakfast “La casa di Zefiro, you can visit one of the villas of the De Medici family” Villa Ambra “of Poggio a Caiano.

It was built by Lorenzo De Medici to a design by Giuliano da Sangallo between 1445 and 1520. It was built to be the summer residence of the family but it was also the favorite residence of the son of Cosimo III that is Prince Ferdinando, who being a passionate about art, he made it an important cultural center. When the villa passed to the new grand dukes of Tuscany, the Hamburg-Lorraine, the villa as well as being always the summer residence became a stopping point for their trips to Pistoia or Prato.

When Florence became the capital, Vittorio Emanuele II built stables, redecorated some rooms in the first floor rooms and the Leone X salon transformed it into a billiard room.